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Welcome to S.P. LED Lighting Solutions

We provide Specialist LED lighting for indoor or outdoor facilities, which require the ultimate in economical lighting solutions. 

From petrol station forecourts, stadiums, golf courses, car parks, retail stores or recreational projects, we can provide the right products tailored to your requirements. If you need something a little different, we can also source decorative panels, LED displays and so much more, so if you can't see what you are looking for just head to the contact us page and one of our team will be happy to help. 

On Request we can offer you a simulated computerised LUX report that you may require for the more Proffessional Sports Venues such as the Football Assosiation etc.

Our team can provide the perfect solution for any project from planning, sourcing, installation, upgrading existing systems, providing energy and providing cost saving suggestions. 

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From gardens, offices, garages and more. We have a tailored, cost effective solution to fulfill your requirements.

With floodlights ranging from 150 to 1500 watt, we have the Perfect solution for your sports ground, football pitch and more.

Bringing you a energy efficient, long lasting and unbeatable brightness to any environment.

Have a forecourt which needs brightening with a long lasting and energy efficient solution. We specialise in business solutions, tailored to you.

Based in the UK or internationally, we have a network of highly skilled electricians who can help bring your project to life.